Daily analysis

Daily analysis 30.04.2014

30.04.2014 11:10

Inflation data from Germany appeared to be below expectations, which decreases probability of reading for the whole Euro Zone would be consistent with the forecasts. Macro reports should remain in the centre of attention until the end of the week. Along with improvement of global sentiment, the zloty returns under the level of 4.20 per Euro.

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Daily analysis 29.04.2014

29.04.2014 10:36

Less intense sanctions and retreat of Russian soldiers from the Ukrainian boarder improves the sentiment in the morning. Inflation data from Germany in centre of attention. British GDP important to the pound. Good data from Sweden enforce the krona. Zloty takes advantage of sentiment's improvement and returns to the limits of 4.20 per Euro.

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Daily analysis 28.04.2014

28.04.2014 11:42

EUR/USD clearly took off during morning trade in Europe. A week full of interesting macroeconomic publications. Negative comments about Russian assets. Zloty weakens again and we are beginning to cross the limit of 4.21 per Euro.

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Daily analysis 25.04.2014

25.04.2014 12:13

Slightly higher volatility after solid US data. Mario Draghi's speech in Amsterdam wasn't that dovish. Increasing risk aversion pushing the yen higher despite lower than expected inflation rate. Ukrainian issues and Russian's rate cut are pushing the EUR/PLN above 4.20 mark.

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Daily analysis 24.04.2014

24.04.2014 12:06

EUR/USD is not taking advantage from better Euro Zone data nor weaker data from the other side of the ocean at the moment. Another considerations about the possibility of monetary policy's mitigating in Euro Zone. Zloty maintains stable despite clearly worse data about retail sale.

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Daily analysis 23.04.2014

23.04.2014 12:07

Mixed PMI readings – close to consensus from China, worse from France and better from Germany. Lower inflation put pressure on the Aussie. Williams on the US monetary policy. Renminbi is weaker again. Polish MPC members on current growth and Ukraine. The EUR/PLN is getting close to 4.20 on some weakness in the region.

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