Daily analysis

Daily analysis 12.05.2014

12.05.2014 12:12

The market has been waiting for Putin's reaction after referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. There are still plenty of comments after Draghi's recent suggestions to “act” in June. The zloty has been stable to most counterparts with a limited pressure to weaken against the dollar.

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Daily analysis 09.05.2014

09.05.2014 12:03

ECB announces “actions” on their summit in June. After Draghi's statement EUR/USD looses almost 150 pips. Zloty remains near the limit of 4.1800 in relation to Euro.

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Daily analysis 08.05.2014

08.05.2014 10:46

Putin's statements decrease the tension in the region. Janet Yellen accordingly to expectations. Will ECB not change the parameters of monetary policy? Zloty took advantage of the sentiment improvement. MPC communicate and president Belka's press conference do not bring anything surprising.

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Daily analysis 07.05.2014

07.05.2014 10:34

A clear American dollar's weakening along with the Spanish and British data supported EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Appearance of Fed chairwoman in Congress. Zloty slightly gains after Russian rouble's enforcement.

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Daily analysis 06.05.2014

06.05.2014 11:27

Maintenance of EUR/USD near many years old peaks increases a probability of its taking off. Why may ECB not decide for a movement during the Thursday's summit? A good session on the American stock market helped zloty.

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Daily analysis 05.05.2014

05.05.2014 10:07

Wednesday's inflation from Euro Zone and Friday's report from American labor market were not crucial for EUR/USD. First FOMC comment after the payrolls. Weak PMI from Poland and maintaining uncertain situation in Ukraine still lay weight on zloty.

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