Daily analysis

Daily analysis 14.03.2014

14.03.2014 11:49

EUR/USD falls from record highs after risk aversion increase and Mario Draghi comments. The days to ome will show if Euro is in fact Safe Haven. Monday may be started with Euro at 4.25 if no breakthrough occurs in the Ukraine case.

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Daily analysis 13.03.2014

13.03.2014 11:58

Constantly higher on EUR/USD, despite the information reaching the market, are at best neutral for the main currency pair. Can the Kerry – Lavrov meeting bring any standpoint rapprochement? New Zealand increases their interest rates as the first developed economy. Zloty stabilizes in areas of 4.22 per Euro, though it might be a short term stop before further PLN weakening.

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Daily analysis 12.03.2014

12.03.2014 10:45

Bulls are not giving up on EUR/USD and we are still moving in the areas of 1.3850. What should we pay attention to during Federal Reserve summit next week? Pressure on fall of some of the EM currencies deteriorates the sentiment in EM region. Zloty slowly falls because of the situation in Ukraine and worse attitude towards emerging markets.

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Daily analysis 11.03.2014

11.03.2014 11:45

We are moving toward the areas of 1.3850 on EUR/USD. Fed representatives' statements confirm the base scenario of Federal Reserve, initiated by Ben Bernanke in December. Zloty begins to react nervously to the information from behind the eastern boarder. Because of that we have started today's session in limits of 4.21 per Euro.

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Daily analysis 10.03.2014

10.03.2014 11:51

Constant highs on EUR/USD, despite the data from American labour market, that appeared to be better than expectated. Limited downward potential for Russian rouble. NBP report sends optimistic signals for Polish economy.s

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Daily analysis 07.03.2014

07.03.2014 11:52

Significant increase of Euro’s value after EBC maintained money rates on unchanged level and relatively hawkish Mario Draghi's conference. Today the market will concentrate on publications from American labour market. Zloty remains stable in relation to Euro but USD/PLN pair is once again getting closer to the level of 3.00.

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