Daily analysis

Daily analysis 01.04.2014

01.04.2014 11:55

Janet Yellen's gradual withdrawal from “6 months” and weaker than expected Chicago PMI kept the EUR/USD close to 1.38. Despite lower-than-estimated inflation in the Euro Zone, the expectations on loosening the ECB monetary policy do not change. Ukrainian issues are having an impact on the Polish PMI. Third time in a row – Osiatynski dovish comments.

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Daily analysis 31.03.2014

31.03.2014 11:56

The market begins to position before the ECB meeting and Friday's job's report. Another meeting on the neutral grounds – Paris talks between Kerry and Lavrov on Ukraine. The zloty remains stable around 4.17 per the euro.

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Daily analysis 28.03.2014

28.03.2014 11:56

The EUR/USD is close to 1.3700 level before the inflation data and next week ECB meeting. Ukrainian hryvnia is the weakest in history despite the IMF help. Record low yields on peripheral debt. Osiatyński in another interview does not see monetary tightening till the end of 2015.

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Daily analysis 27.02.2014

27.03.2014 11:54

The EUR/USD is not able to withstand the downside pressure and falls significantly below 1.38 mark. Solid data from New Zealand is another bullish signal for the kiwi. The zloty stays around 4.18 per the euro and around that level we should finish the week.

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Daily analysis 26.03.2014

26.03.2014 14:49

Another set of dovish comments from European monetary policy makers does not seem to push EUR/USD significantly lower. Lockhart is another FOMC member who “explains” Yellen “6 months”. The zloty strengthens in line with Russian ruble and Turkish lira.

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Daily analysis 25.03.2014

25.03.2014 11:56

A significant jump on the EUR/USD after the European session ended on Monday. John Williams from the Federal Reserve in response to Yellen words. Ifo readings close to market expectations. The zloty is slightly stronger after solid retail sales and unemployment data.

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