Daily analysis

Daily analysis 27.08.2014

27.08.2014 12:34

Positive messages from Minsk, but the breakthrough is still far away. Unlimited-in-time ceasefire in Gaza Strip. The market has started rumoring on interest rate cuts at the incoming ECB meeting. The zloty remains stable but the progress between Russia and Ukraine combined with positive news from Middle East failed to give additional boost to the PLN,

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Afternoon analysis 26.08.2014

26.08.2014 17:09

The zloty remained stable since the beginning of the week. The Polish currency skilfully exploited positive factors and avoided negative ones.

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Daily analysis 26.08.2014

26.08.2014 12:36

The Jackson Hole effect is still visible on the markets. Political changes in Europe – French government shift and early parliamentary election in Ukraine. Another interest rate cut significantly weakens the shekel. The zloty remains stable. Retail sales in line with expectations and the expectations but the composition may give some hope for improvement in the future.

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Daily analysis 25.08.2014

25.08.2014 10:25

EUR/USD fell below 1.3200 after Jackson Hole. Yellen appeared to be less dovish than expected. Draghi becomes more and more anxious with the situation in Euro Zone. Lockhart still sees chances for interest rates raise in mid 2015. Zloty's value slightly gains after dovish comments from EBC and a perspective of new records on Wall Street.

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Daily analysis 22.08.2014

22.08.2014 12:13

The EUR/USD rebound despite solid US data. Jackson Hole in focus. Williams does not see a need to rise interest rates earlier. Norwegian krone continues appreciation move after solid GDP numbers. Bratkowski is another member leaning toward interest rate cut. The zloty is slightly higher due to global sentiment improvement.

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Daily analysis 21.08.2014

21.08.2014 12:38

The dollar is gaining value after more hawkish “minutes” from the Fed. After August preliminary PMIs from Europe the German economy still looks relatively strong. Industrial production from Poland slightly above the expectations but the global “greenback” strength and risk of interest rate cuts should weigh on the local currency.

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