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Валутни алерти

Ако не искаш да следиш курсове на валути, нямаш време за това, а искаш да продаваш или да купуваш валута по избран от себе си курс, възползвай се от опция на валутния алерт.

Why are currency alerts useful?

  • They simplify the analysis of FX market
  • They provide a guarantee of the exchange rate selected
  • They enable automatic initiation of a transaction, on condition the exchange rate you selected is reached
  • They enable a faster execution, in consequence allowing to save money

How do they work?

Lets us assume you want to buy US$ 100 at the rate of 4.00 PLN per $1. In the user panel, you just add a currency alert and that is all you have to do. Cinkciarz.pl follows the FX exchange for you.

  • At 10:00 the FX exchange rate for PLN is 4.10 - the alert will not be sent, as the required threshold has not been reached
  • At 10:05 the FX exchange rate for PLN is 4.00. Currency alert is generated. We automatically receive a text message on your mobile or e-mail. If we ticked the proper option in the user panel - Cinkciarz.pl will initiate for us the transaction to buy US$ 100 at the rate selected

How to add a currency alert?

  • Register in Cinkciarz.pl (see manual)
  • Select Services -> Currency alerts in the User panel
  • Click 'Add a currency alert' on the right side of the screen
  • Fill out the form, providing a name of the alert
  • Select the transaction type and the currency, which rate is of your interest
  • In the final box provide the desired exchange rate

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