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Partnership network

From September 2017 Cinkciarz.pl will offer an attractive franchise model for stationary currency exchange offices. The participants of the program can enlarge their business potential and business attractiveness thanks to the innovative currency exchange services.

Measurable business benefits

All facilities in the network are branded under Cinkciarz.pl. They offer the same standard and wide scope of competitive financial services. Cooperation with Cinkciarz.pl allows the franchise offices to have access to the business know-how of the company. It also means the business will be run under a strong brand, which guarantees high standard and the safety of currency exchange transactions.

Additionally, the franchise currency exchange offices which belong to the Cinkciarz.pl chain gain measurable business benefits by:

  • having the possibility to extend previous offers with, among others, currency cards and money orders. This guarantees enlarging the market attractiveness of the currency exchange office,
  • working within a proven business model which increases competitiveness of the currency exchange office on the market,
  • having Cinkciarz.pl support for marketing activities and PR of the stationary offices,
  • unifying interior design, adjusting it to the Cinkciarz.pl standards,
  • having access to the Cinkciarz.pl advertising materials,
  • increasing knowledge through product and customer service training,
  • running a business under a recognizable brand.

Additionally, a Partnership program has been issued, which allows the owners of currency exchange offices to benefit from current marketing activities of Cinkciarz.pl (e.g. tickets for the Polish national football team).

Come and cooperate

The cooperation model in the Cinkciarz.pl franchise network is available for both new and already existing currency exchange offices.

Establishing cooperation with Cinkciarz.pl consists of a few stages, which are:

  • analysis of potential business establishments,
  • negotiationg the terms of cooperation,
  • signing the partnership agreement,
  • facility rebranding,
  • product and customer service trainings for employees.

For additional information about the details of cooperation, please contact: franczyza@cinkciarz.pl.