Video analysis

Morning video analysis 26.05.2017

The pound declined significantly after a new poll showed shrinking Tory lead. A series of US data is expected to hit the wire in the afternoon. The zloty remains strong and stable. The sterling is close to 4.80 PLN level.

Afternoon video analysis 25.05.2017

The dollar remains fairly weak during the afternoon trading. The OPEC and other exporting oil countries agreed to extend the production cut by 9 months. The zloty keeps the recent gains to major currencies.

Morning video analysis 25.05.2017

The FOMC minutes were consistent with expectations. Nevertheless, the USD has lost value. The zloty is testing its peaks against the main currencies. The EUR/PLN went near 4.17.

Afternoon video analysis 24.05.2017

The EUR/USD returns toward 1.12. Discussion about the tax cuts may last a year?. The ECB remains fairly dovish. The zloty is supported by good Polish budget result and robust consumer confidence.

Morning video analysis 24.05.2017

Moody’s cuts Chinese credit rating, but it shouldn't significantly deteriorate the EM currency sentiment. The dollar is stronger after budget details and before the Fed’s minutes. The EUR/PLN is still close to 4.20.