Video analysis

Morning video analysis 29.03.2017

Interesting market events - positive American data, statements from the Federal Reserve vice-chairman, voting in Scotland's parliament and initiation of Brexit procedure. The dollar gained value, but the zloty remains stable at a high level.

Morning video analysis 28.03.2016

The dollar was not supported by a relatively positive ending of the American session. The zloty, as well as the other emerging market currencies, remains very strong. The EUR/PLN is near the 4.25 level.

Afternoon video analysis 27.03.2017

New stage of the dollar's global wear-off after last week's events from the American politics. The EUR/PLN is near its twelve-month minimum. The USD/PLN is testing the 3.90 level, due to the negative sentiment towards the USD, as well as to the positive sentiment towards the emerging markets.

Morning video analysis 27.03.2017

The voting regarding new American healthcare regulations has been canceled. The dollar has lost its value. The zloty remains relatively stable and is focusing on positive elements for the emerging market currencies.

Afternoon video analysis 24.03.2017

The American data regarding oreders for durable goods was disappointing. The market is still anticipating the voting in the House of Representatives. The zloty remains strong and is one of this week's strongest currencies.