Video analysis

Video analysis 05.12.2016

The global market calmed down after a nervous reaction to the result of the Italian referendum. The zloty remains weak. The euro is slightly below the level of 4.50 PLN.

Video analysis 01.12.2016

New highs on treasuries yields are still the main reason for stronger dollar. The zloty weakens both to the dollar and to the euro in line with other EM currencies.

Video analysis 30.11.2016

The OPEC oil production cut scenario is gaining ground after the most recent comments from the cartel. The zloty remains weak to major currencies.

Afternoon video analysis 29.11.2016

The dollar remains strong, despite that volatility was slightly larger after the American data. The zloty's condition is increasingly worse. The euro costs 4.44 PLN and the dollar is at the level of 4.19 PLN.