Currency converter

Our Step by step video guide will escort you through operating the currency converter at

1. In order to get to know the exact exchange rate and calculate possible savings, click the Currency converter link below the exchange rates table on or select Our services from the main menu and then select Currency converter from the side menu.

2. Keep in mind that currency rates depend on the amount being exchanged.

3. Select whether you want to buy, sell or exchange currency.

4. Enter the amount to be exchanged.

5. Select the currency.

6. Click the ‘Check the rate’ button.

7. The current exchange rates will be displayed below for a transaction from the currency wallet and a transaction from a bank account as well as the transaction amount and how much money you can save.

8. Below you can find a table containing a comparison between the offers of and banks.

9. Keep in mind that’s exchange rates are updated every 5 seconds and may vary when executing a transaction.