Video analysis

Afternoon video analysis 24.03.2017

The American data regarding oreders for durable goods was disappointing. The market is still anticipating the voting in the House of Representatives. The zloty remains strong and is one of this week's strongest currencies.

Morning video analysis 24.03.2017

Contradictory information regarding the new American healthcare. High expectations before the eurozone's PMI. The zloty remains strong not only against the main currencies, but also against the forint.

Afternoon video analysis 23.02.2017

An increase in the jobless claims index is neautral for the USD. Investors are anticipating the voting over the new healthcare regulation. The zloty remains strong, despite a worse sentiment in the global market.

Morning video analysis 23.03.2017

Important data regarding the British retail sales. The market will focus on the voting over the American healthcare regulation. The zloty is calm. The minutes from the MPC will be published this afternoon.

Afternoon video analysis 22.03.2017

The risk aversion sustains in the market. Both the franc and the yen are slightly higher. The zloty remains relatively stable to both the euro and the dollar, byt the franc went above the 4.00 level.

Morning video analysis 22.03.2017

A clear deterioration in the share market, as well as a decrease in the profitability of the American bond, sustains negative tendencies on the dollar. An increase in the risk aversion seems to be a negative information for the zloty.