Video analysis

Afternoon video analysis 24.02.2017

Clear depreciation of the profitability of the American debt, overvalue in stock markets and an increase in the yen's value all cause a pressure on the dollar. The EUR/PLN may increae to the range of 4.32-4.33 due to a further deterioration of the global sentiment.

Morning video analysis 24.02.2017

Mixed comments from both the Fed and the new American administration cause the situation to be unclear. The zloty remains stable against the euro. The EUR/PLN is near 4.30.

Morning video analysis 23.02.2017

The political changes in France disturbed the message from the minutes. However, this message should support the dollar. The zloty remains relatively stable. The EUR/PLN is near the area of 4.30.

Afternoon video analysis 22.02.2017

The dollar remains globally strong beforethe minutes from the Federal Reserve. The zloty remains stable against the euro. However, the USD/PLN may exceed the 4.10 level in the case of a hawkish message from the FOMC.

Morning video analysis 22.02.2017

The largest difference between profitability of German and American two-year bonds has pushed the EUR/USD to the level of 1.05. The zloty is in a positive condition. However, if the FOMC minutes are hawkish, the USD/PLN may bounce to the level of 4.10.