Daily analysis

Afternoon analysis 03.11.2015

In the next few days the US tightening scenario will likely be confirmed. The dollar gained on the hawkish expectations. The zloty was steady before the Monetary Policy Council's statement.

Afternoon analysis 02.11.2015

The euro did not exploit solid reports from the economy. Information from China and Turkey may limit risk aversion. The zloty was steady in spite of weak reports.

Afternoon analysis 30.10.2015

In spite of hawkish Fed the dollar dropped. In contrast, the euro gained on inflation and unemployment reports. China surprised again. The zloty exceeded gains.

Afternoon analysis 29.10.2015

Today's reports from the US support the case for tightening. The dollar dropped after significant gains on Wednesday. The zloty gained. Watering of campaign promises by lawmakers has supported the zloty.

Afternoon analysis 28.10.2015

The euro gained after comments from the ECB's Ardo Hansson. The dollar is waiting for the Federal Open Market Committee statement. The zloty limited the slide, but still remains at the low level.