Daily analysis

Afternoon analysis 12.01.2016

The global market sentiment improved as the Chinese turmoil eased. Speculations that the OPEC may meet limited pressure on the oil price. The zloty cut losses. The Polish currency stayed at the low level.

Afternoon analysis 11.01.2015

China is the major risk factor for investors. Emerging market currencies plunge. The zloty resumed decline in spite of easing risk aversion in the second part of the session.

Afternoon analysis 08.01.2016

The dollar moved higher after the US labor market report. Philip Lane from the ECB sees room for more quantitative easing. The zloty resumed decline after a brief pause on Thursday.

Afternoon analysis 07.01.2016

The Chinese turmoil hit the global markets. The dollar exceeded decline before the labor market report. In spite of adverse environment the zloty limited losses.