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Daily analysis

Daily analysis 14.04.2015

14.04.2015 12:47

The 'Financial Times' reports the Greek preparations for bankruptcy, although the authorities in Athens deny it. The ECB meeting will not be crucial. Focus on the US retail sales for March. The euro below the level of 4.00 for the time being, but the market is 'afraid' of going under before the Monetary Policy Council (RPP) meeting. Anxious moves on EUR/CHF.

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Afternoon analysis 13.04.2015

13.04.2015 17:20

Focus shifts to comments from the central bank as the economic calendar is empty. The zloty strengthened in the second part of the day before the Monetary Policy Council meeting.

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Daily analysis 13.04.2015

13.04.2015 13:11

A significant appreciation of the US dollar from the beginning of the European session. Weak data from China may still be a consequence of some fake transactions with Hong Kong. The EUR/PLN remains slightly above 4.00. The Polish deputy finance minister sees chances to leave the deflation area earlier than NBP projected. A central bank management board member on stronger zloty.

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Daily analysis 10.04.2015

10.04.2015 13:01

A clear enforcement of the American dollar on the global market. Bigger chances for a deal with Greece next week. Zloty returns to the area of 4.00 per euro, but another wave of drops on EUR/PLN before MPC summit, is unlikely.

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Afternoon analysis 09.04.2015

09.04.2015 17:29

The dollar increased after the minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee. The US currency was also supported by the release of the weekly data on unemployment claims. The zloty declined after two days of gains.

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Afternoon analysis 08.04.2015

08.04.2015 17:35

The dollar dropped before the release of the Federal Open Market Committee minutes. Mixed data did not affect the euro. The zloty managed to extend gains after very good Tuesday.

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