Daily analysis

Daily analysis 24.11.2014

24.11.2014 12:35

EUR/USD tries to het back above 1.2400 after the better that expected Ifo reading. The Swiss Central Bank most probably conducted an intervention last week on the currency market. The best ropuble week since 2012. The zloty tries to strengthen below 4.20 per the euro. The politics has no influence on the domestic currency (for now).

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Afternoon analysis 21.11.2014

21.11.2014 17:14

Market volatility exploded as Mario Draghi put the QE on the table and the PBOC cut the interest rates for the firs time since 2012. The zloty exploited weakness of the euro and dropped against the strong dollar.

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Daily analysis 21.11.2014

21.11.2014 12:47

Thursday's solid US data didn't push the EUR/USD lower, but the pair slided after dovish Draghi comments. Japanese deputy prime minister on too fast yen depreciation. Has the SNB already intervened on Swiss franc? Belka, Zielinska-Glebocka, and Osiatynski on monetary policy. The zloty below 4.21 per the euro after the ECB chief comments

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Afternoon analysis 20.11.2014

20.11.2014 17:08

The dollar obtained solid arguments for gaining. The euro hit by a poor industry performance. The zloty stable after production data and minutes from the MPC. The pound remained on track as retail sales exceeded expectations.

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Daily analysis 20.11.2014

20.11.2014 12:34

The Fed remains fairly hawkish after October 'minutes'. Weak data from Europe pushing the common currency lower. Another 7-year lows on yen despite better trade data. Decreasing odds for 'gold initiative' only briefly weakened the franc. US inflation in focus. The zloty is not able to generate a stronger move. Industrial production from Poland.

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Afternoon analysis 19.11.2014

19.11.2014 17:30

Almost no demand for a Russian debt. After release of BoE's minutes the pound gained as inflation risk rose. A slippage of the US housing market.

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