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Ordin de plată

Cererea de plată este o formă confortabilă, sigură și rapidă de efectuare a plăților. Dacă deții un mandat de debitare directă în biroul nostru de schimb valutar poți face o cerere pentru ca să preia în mod automat în fiecare lună fonduri pentru acoperirea sumelor datorate din contul tău bancar. Responsabilitatea ta este să asiguri existența fondurilor la termenul realizării plății.

Why are payment orders useful?

  • This solution saves you time since the payments are processed automatically
  • You do not need to monitor the payment schedule anymore, we do this for you
  • Granting a consent for a standing order, your bank, together with platform undertake to make sure your payments are made on time
  • You maintain full control over your funds
  • You may waive your payment order at any time
  • You do not need to worry about overdue payments any more

How does it work?

  • Set up/initiate your payment order
  • Link your payment order with the standing order you have in
  • Make sure your bank account dedicated for processing the payment order will have enough funds to conclude the transaction minimum 5 working days before the standing order is due
  • Your Bank will automatically collect the amount defined from your bank account 10 working days before the due date of the standing order. If the required amount is not available on your account, the operation will be repeated 2 working days later. If the required amount is not available on your account by then, the transaction will not be executed. You will be charged 2 PLN for each attempt of collecting the liability. Information about crucial stages of the process will be sent to your e-mail box

How to open a payment order?

  • Select Services and then Payment order in the User panel
  • Click Add a payment order in the top right corner of the page
  • Fill out the form and click Add
  • The agreement for opening a payment order has been generated. In order to confirm the agreement, click the activation link sent to the email address provided in the account settings. The link is valid for 24 hours
  • Download the agreement to charge the account, print it out, sign it and send to
  • The confirmation of the payment order activation will be sent to you via email

How to assign the payment order to the standing order?

  • Select Services and then Standing orders in the user panel
  • Select standing order you want to assign the payment order to by clicking Preview in the Actions column
  • Click Payment order in the top right corner of the page
  • Select the account to be charged
  • Click Confirm account for payment order
  • In order to disconnect the payment order from the standing order, click Cancel the payment order


  • The fee charged for processing a single form is 5 PLN (a one-off payment charged on the first transaction and shown as a separate item on the invoice). In case of not executing the transaction, the fee amounting to 5 PLN should be transferred to the bank account of within 10 working days from initiating the payment order
  • The fee for each attempt of collecting the liability from your account is 2 PLN (maximum two attempts are made)