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Get acquainted with our video guides. We will guide you step by step through our system, models, and tools. Not only can you learn the fundamental basics of foreign currency exchange, but you can also discover more advanced solutions for getting more competitive exchange rates.

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Introduction Help
Log in
Adding bank accounts
Adding a recipient (third party)


Ways of exchanging currencies Help
Transactions from a bank account
Social transactions
Transactions from the currency wallet
Topping up the currency wallet


Service for borrowers Help
Standing order
Prolonging a standing order
Changing the transaction title of the standing order
Changing the value of a standing order
Changing the standing order date
Changing the account number for a standing order
Tools Help
Currency alert
Currency alert from the currency wallet
Text alerts
Purchase of a text message (SMS) package
Currency cards
Activating the currency card
Currency converter
Limit of transaction value
ATM withdrawal - defining the phone number
ATM withdrawal – order initiation
Data editing Help
Changing user data
Changing password
Changing the email address
Changing the return transfer title
Notification settings
Generating a new password
Login recovery
Sending the activation link
Special offers Help
Discount code