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Permite schimbul valutar între utilizatorii portalului fără intermediari și fără spread.

We realize there are services on the market who provide currency exchange using the social transactions for free only in the beginning, only to charne users with fees after some time. As a response for such practice, guarantees the social transactions to be free of charge forever.

How do I benefit from social transactions?

  • You can deal with other users with no intermediary. Not even us.
  • The rates are set by you.
  • We help you by providing a TOP 20 Rates Table where you can monitor the best available rates offered by other users.
  • It provides access to statistics, such as the number of offers available, volume of foreign currency bought and sold.
  • This solution gives you the option to purchase currency for the repayment of your foreign denominated loans using the favourable rates offered by our community.


  • You can trade 24 currencies without having 23 individual foreign currency accounts. You save money and time.
  • On a single deposit you can make several transactions. As many as you would like.
  • You can change currency even if you have accounts across different banks.
  • We are open 24h a day, 7 days a week.

How does it work?

  • Top up your Currency Wallet
  • After the funds have been registered, you determine the rate at which you want to exchange the currency.
  • You wait for the offer from another user of
  • Once your rate is matched, your desired transaction is complete.
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