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Tranzacţii din contul bancar

Cumpără, vinde sau schimbă valută. Totul rapid şi uşor prin intermediul sistemului nostru tranzacţional.

What is my benefit of using this solution?

  • 24 currencies availble
  • Best available exchange rates
  • Foreign currency rates fixed on the basis of market rates
  • 24/7 transaction order
  • Online money transfers of foreign currencies to 21 banks, and to 28 banks in Polish zloty (PLN)
  • You have as much as 24 hours to send us funds from the point where you accept the rate
  • Exchange of currencies for holders of accounts in two different banks
  • Transactions 24h a day, 7 days a week

How does it work?

  • You execute a transaction
  • You pay in the funds
  • We send back the funds to you
  • Note: after booking the payment, the has maximum eight working hours to make a return transfer of the money due (transfer are processed Monday to Friday, working hours: 9.00 – 16.30). For example your transfer is booked on the account of on Thursday at 9:00, we shall send you the money on Friday at 9:30 at its latest (all times in UTC +1:00)
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