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Apprenticeship and internship program

When gaining education, it is worth complementing it with professional experience. If you want to learn the specifics of working in the top fintech company, gain knowledge of your strengths and see which areas fit you best, join our Apprenticeship and internship program.

We offer:

  • opportunity to gain knowledge and experience confirmed by references,
  • work under the supervision of experts, who support the participants of the program in achieving their tasks and goals,
  • opening training,
  • individually set working hours and the length of the program,
  • option of receiving salary for the participants showing outstanding commitment,
  • possibility of employment for the best participants.

Apprenticeship and internship take place in Zielona Gora or Warsaw.

If you are interested in the apprenticeship and internship program in Cinkciarz.pl, please contact us at praca@cinkciarz.pl.