100 000 users online cannot be wrong - Cinkciarz.pl success in e-commerce

More and more Poles make decisions of buying or selling based on opinions online. One of the most popular websites to offer feedback on e-companies is Opineo.pl. Cinkciarz.pl, the FX technology services company, has just accomplished a great success there. It took over a dozen months to gather over 100 000 positive comments there.

Cinkciarz.pl is the most trusted company and is among most frequently commented e-commerce brands. The amount of opinions gathered at Opineo.pl is one of the highest of all companies there.

Cinkciairz.pl has debuted in Opineo.pl at the end of 2012. A year and a half was enough to achieve most important certificates of Opineo.pl: “Listen to your customers” and “Q - quality certificate”.

The amount of positive feedback gathered by Cinkciarz.pl is unprecedented in Polish e-commerce. All together the amount of comments, the fact that nearly all of them are positive and time in which such achievement was accomplished is the envy of most of the companies.

More info at: http://www.opineo.pl/opinie/cinkciarz-pl

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