Cinkciarz.pl launches franchise network

Cinkciarz.pl, the leading brand on the currency exchange market, launches the program of granting franchises to the new and already functioning currency exchange offices. The new formula of cooperation will be made available on July 1.

The cooperation with Cinkciarz.pl allows the franchise subjects to the business know-how of the company and to carry out their activities under a strong, recognizable brand, which guarantees the highest standard and safety of the currency exchange.

All cooperating currency exchange offices under the franchise agreement will be branded as Cinkciarz.pl, offering the same standard and scope of the financial services. The facilities gain the possibility of extending their currency exchange offer with, among others, currency cards and money orders, which will raise their market attractiveness.

Under the franchise agreement Cinkciarz.pl provides the business support: the marketing and PR of the stationary network facilities. Partnership program has been announced and the currency exchange offices owners will also benefit from current marketing activities of Cinkciarz.pl (e.g. tickets for the Polish national football team).

The detalis of the franchise program will be announced soon at www.cinkciarz.pl.

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