Cinkciarz.pl received PCI DSS certificate

Cinkciarz.pl has received the PCI DSS certificate, which confirms meeting the safety requirements concerning personal data processing set up by world's largest bands including MasterCard and Visa.

Receiving the certificsate of PCI DSS compliance is another confirmation of highest standards maintained in Cinkciarz.pl on every level - Kamil Sahaj, Cinkciarz.pl Marketing Manager, emphasized. The care about highest standards of technical and organizational resources goes along with actions aiming towards strengthening our Clients' trust in safety of transactions concluded in Cinkciarz.pl

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a global standard created by financial services organizations issuing cards. It has been established in order to guarantee safety of the personal data of a cardholder and the protection of all information concerning the card transactions. The PCI DSS standards aim to ensure safety of cardholders and their information while concluding transactions (including transactions online).

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