Afternoon analysis 01.07.2015

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Piotr Lonczak

Solid ADP report strengthened the dollar. Greece's future remains vague in spite of new offer from Athens. The zloty was quite stable. Only the dollar posted some gains against the Polish currency.

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expressed readiness to accept the latest offer from creditors. However, he has made some changes to the initial proposal. Basically, expected concessions were regarding the pension system reform (a longer adjustment period for the poorest pensioners) and the tax reform (to keep a tax exception for the Greek islands). The Syriza government is willing to accept the 2012 pension system reform plan.

Moreover, it agreed to cut military spending by 400 million euro. Nevertheless, the plan would be implemented in 2017, but not in this year as it was expected by the international creditors.

The Greek government behavior is getting less coherent. The referendum proposal is not credible if the government is going to accept any deal now.

Germany is against

Nevertheless, the Greek proposal was dismissed. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that there will be no deal before the referendum. In addition, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble once again criticized the Greek government. However, the French President Francois Hollande was not as severe and talked today about the need of a compromise.

As a result, the latest polls will be quite important in the coming hours. Today, the poll published by the Efsyn newspaper showed that the majority of Greeks is against the austerity plan (more in our morning commentary). If Greeks agree on the program, the likelihood for a compromise will rise. In the opposite situation, the Greek position will be very complicated. Nevertheless, the German Finance Minister said yesterday, that Greece will remain in the euro zone even if the referendum result is negative.

Solid reports

Today's data from the US were quite positive. The ADP report on employment change in the private sector exceeded the forecast. The reading showed a 237k increase against the 220k forecast.

It was a positive premise before the coming data from the labor market. On Thursday monthly data on employment situation are scheduled. The forecast is for a 230k increase. If the result is near that level, the scenario for rate hikes in the US will be strengthened.

Other reports also supported the dollar. The PMI report for manufacturing sector was better than it was projected. Moreover, the dollar was supported by the ISM report. The major sentiment index in the US increased to 53.5 - more than it was forecast. Also, the construction spending report was above the forecast.

As a result, the EUR/USD exceeded recent drop. The move was supported mainly by the US data. Investors are less focused on the Greek developments. The credibility of information coming from Athens is not very good. Moreover, key European politicians are going to wait with any decisions until the Sunday voting. As a result, it is not very likely that any breakthrough would take a place.

Stable zloty

The Polish currency was quite stable today. Only exception was the dollar. The US currency posted gains against the euro. The dollar move was due to the economic reports.

Today's PMI report, that exceeded the forecast, did not help the zloty. Thus, the Polish currency will remain under pressure as long as the Greek crisis is not ended.

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